Legend has it, that the River Shannon is named after the early Irish Goddess Sionna, who sought out the hazelnuts of wisdom, which in ancient Ireland were believed to contain éigse, the spirit and inspiration of poetry. Sionna found what she was seeking next to a pool - the well of knowledge - which was surrounded by nine hazel trees. As the ripe nuts fell into the water they burst into a purple spray. The salmon of wisdom who lived in the pool ate the nuts and for every nut they ate, a red spot appeared on their skin. The nuts also caused bubbles of inspiration in the water, which were constantly carried downstream. Sionna leaned over the pool to gather the nuts, but lost her footing and fell in. The pool was angered and rose up over her and swept her down into the sea, thus birthing the river, which still carries her name.


At the very mouth of the River Shannon, 240 miles downstream, another legend has it that the sorceress, "Mal," falling madly in love with Cuchullin, to whom her advances were distasteful, pursued him down into the angle of land that is Loop Head in West Clare, whence, as she fancied, there could be no escape. Cuchullin, however, avoided his too importunate lover, and sprang out onto the castle-like rock, "Bullánneleime," off the end of Loop Head. She sprang after him; and by a mightier effort, he leaped back to the mainland; she followed, but, missing her footing, fell, and was dashed to pieces against the cliff. Her blood stained all the sea out to Hag's Head at Moher, giving that part of the ocean its title, Malbay. The "Wave" at Loop Head was also called after her "Tonn Mhal," and, like the "three Ancient Waves of Ireland," is believed to raise a voice of unutterable anguish, foretelling death and disaster.


The River Shannon is steeped in folklore which when added to all its other historical, religious and natural secrets make for a most fascinating stretch of water. The Principal of Randal B. Counihan & Associates Ltd has long had an interest in unearthing these secrets. The Principal intends to populate the attached charts with such secrets are he may unearth indicating the locations of such secrets on the charts, this work will of its nature always be a work in progress. Wishing to share these secrets and not having another vehicle by which to do so, the Principal has published the charts on his company website. The Principal requests forbearance from potential Clients to his business for this liberty on his part.


Should you, have an interesting piece of information, there is a facility provided on the charts to submit such information together with photographs, images, video etc.. to the Principal for possible publication on the charts. Any such information would be most welcomed. You can view the charts by clicking on the image at the top of this page or by clicking here